Weitere Infos bei Siegmund Bischoff, 32049 Herford

Gäste im Jaguar-Club und Tamburin

Alegoric Almond, The (früher Phantom Brothers)

Alexis Korner and his New Blues Group

All, The

Allmights, The mit Little Joey

Anderen, Die mit Jürgen Drews

Anyones, The

Apitz, Bernd

Arrows, The

Bandits, The (später The Jaguars)

Baroques, The

Bats, The

Beat Four, The

Beat Kings, The

Beatcombs, The

Black and Whites, The

Black Four, The

Bond, Isabella and the Tramps

Bonney, Graham

Boots, The

Bunch of Five, The

Burns and Blues, The

Butlers, The

Children, John's

Classix, The

Cliff and the Lights

Competition, The

Cops and Robbers, The

Coronaders, The

Cramer, Billy J.

Craying Rags, The

Cream, The

Creation, The

Crusaders, The

Curtis, Lee and the Allstars

Dämonen, The

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich

Dee, Georgy and the Beatkings

Dekker, Desmond and the Aces

Deutscher, Drafi and his Magics

Drifters, The

Ducks, The

Dynamic, The

Dynamites, The mit Little Lord

Easybeats, The

Ebony, The

Equals, The

Exceptions, The

Eyes, The

Faces, The mit Rod Steward

Fashion, The

Fats, The

Felgen, Camillo

Fleets, The

Fools, The

Foundation, The

Four Renders, The

Four, The left Feet

Frederic and the Rangers

Frumpy's, The

Garrick, David

Generation, The

Gents, The

German Blue Flames, The

German Bonds, The

Germans, The

Gibson and the Eyes

Gibson and the Giants

Gitta and the Rangers

Go-Go-Girls mit Petra

Goldie and the Gingerband

Green Onions, The

Gun, The

Haley, Bill

Happy Times, The

Hardin & York

Heartstones, The

Hendrix, Jimi Experience

Hep-Stars, The

Herd, The

Herold, Ted

Hi-Balls, The

Hi-Fi's, The

High Fields, The

Hollies, The

Howland, Chris

Hush, The

Ian and the Zodiacs

Intruders, The

Jaguars, The

Jepis, The

Jeronimo, The

Jimi and the Rackets

Jones, Casey and the Governors

Jonny and the Hurricans

Just us

Kettels, The

King Size Taylor and his Dominos

King, Ben E.

King, Roger and the Jets

Klooks Kleek, The

Knife and Forks

Laine, Linda and the Sinners

Light, The

Lions, The

Little Earl and the Saphires

Liverbirds, The

Loadstones, The

Lord Davis and the Hush

Lord Sutch and the Roman Empire

Lords, The

Love Affaire, The

Majo Explosive

Mama Betty's Band

Man, The

Manish Boys, The

Mann, Manfred

Marsden, Beryl

Mensworld, The

Mersyteens, The

MG's, The

Mirage, The

Missus Beastly

Mocking Birds, The

Mods, The

Monks, The

Move, The

Mushrooms, The

Musketiere, The

Nectar, The

New Statesman, The

O'Hara, John and his Playboys mit Barbara Murphy

Ohio Express

Other Five, The

Overlanders, The

Parke Lane, The

Pawns, The

People, The

Percy and the Goalbirds

Petards, The

Peter and the youngsters

Phantom Brothers, The (später Alegoric Almond)

Poor Thinks, The

Pretty Things

Radha Krishna Temple

Raggers, The

Rags, The

Rainbows, The

Rangers, The

Rattles, The

Rattles, The

Remo Four, The (später Ashton, Gardner und Dyke)

Richy and the young a ones

Rickets, The mit Drafi Deutscher

Rivets, The

Rollicks, The

Ron, Ray and the Ebonys

Roosters, The

Rust, The

Scorpions, The

Screamers, The

Screaming Lord Sutch

Seachers, The

Shades, The

Shamrocks, The eng.

Shamrocks, The schwed.

Sheakespeares, The

Sheridan, Tony and the Big Six

Shocking Blue, The

Shondells, The

Shotguns, The

Simon, John Set

Small Faces, The

Smoke, The

Snappers, The

Soul Caravan

Sounders, The

Speeders, The

Spencer Davis Group

Spooky Tooth, The

Spoons, The

Spotnics, The

Status Quo, The

Stones, Gerry and the Wrackers

Strings, The

Summer Set, The

Sweet Berrys, The

Telstars, The

Thunderbird, The

Tielman Brothers, The

To Morrow to

Tonics, The

Traffics, The

Tramps, The

Travellers, The

Tremeloes, The

Troggs, The

Tuxedos, The

Victors, The

Vikings, The

VIP's, The

Viscounts, The

Warner, Mike and the New Stars

Warner, Mike and the Shatters

Washington, Geno and the Ram-Jam-Band

Who, The

Wild Cats, The


Wonderland, The

Wreckers, The

X-Rays, The

Yankees, The

... und vielen anderen

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